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Retention Policy

This tutorial will show you how to configure retention to retain backups.


This tutorial assumes that you have an installation of PostgreSQL 13+ and pgmoneta.

See Install pgmoneta for more detail.

Retention Setup

In pgmoneta.conf, you can use retention = 7, 4, 12, 5 to configure pgmoneta to retain backups within the nearest 7 days, 4 weeks, 12 months and 5 years. Specifically, pgmoneta will retain all the backups within the nearest 7 days, the latest backup on each Monday within the nearest 4 weeks, the latest backup on the first day of each month in the last 12 months and the latest backup on the first day of each year in the last 5 years. If you input more than 4 values, pgmoneta will only read the first 4.

There are a lot of ways to leave a parameter unspecified. For trailing parameters, you can simply omit them. And for parameters in between, you can use placeholders. Currently, placeholders we allow are: -, X, x, 0 or whitespaces (spaces or tabs).

Please note that you should always configure days to retain the nearest backups. If you don't configure retention, by default pgmoneta keeps backups within the nearest 7 days and other parameters (weeks, months, years) are unspecified. Additionally, if you are using prometheus, unspecified values will be shown as 0.

Retention Validation Rule

Current validation rule is:

  1. Retention days >= 1
  2. If retention months is specified, then 1 <= weeks <= 4, otherwise weeks >= 1
  3. If retention years is specified, then 1 <= months <= 12, otherwise months >= 1
  4. Retention years >= 1 Please note that the rule above only checks specified parameters, except for days, which should always be specified